The name Goyo comes from a shortened version of his birth name, Gregorio. Perez received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western Michigan University in Industrial Design. Aside from his day job as Engineering Technician at Milan Federal Prison he enjoys woodcut and linocut printmaking. He started printmaking approximately 10 years ago with a Speedball starter kit. He now makes small editions in his home studio with a Richeson Baby Press.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Katie Roback said:

    Hi I love your paintings

  2. Hello Goyo …

    I love your work, I find your quiet, direct interpretations soothing and absorbing. I agree with your views concerning our alienation, disregard and destruction of our natural world.
    You have a video posted on youtube, laid to music. Could you please tell me about the music? I would like to buy the album.
    Thank you for your creations.

  3. I am a fan. I am an artist as well and feel the same way about expressing the beauty and importance of nature.


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