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Parachute Blue Winged Olive, originally uploaded by Goyo P.

I recently met at a friends house to tie a few flies. I decided to tie a few Parachute BWO’s. I dont tie flies to fill my fly box. And, they are rarely ever picture perfect. But they are effective. I dont believe it’s absolutely necessary to tie perfect flies. I think it’s important to know how to cast and present the fly without spooking the fish. I think it’s important to have patience while fly fishing. But mostly I believe you should have faith. Anyone who doesnt have faith in their fly will not pay close enough attention to notice the subtleties of fly fishing.

I’m not in love with my flybox but flies do have deep meaning.  Tiny pieces of sharp steel wrapped in thread and feathers are more than just imitations of life. To me they are a physical biophillic connection to the natural world. Somewhere in youth we are told that insects are bad. But what harm is there in a Mayfly? Some species can only live in clean water. They mate, and then die on the surface film to provide food for fish. Anyone who has taken the time to look at one up close knows how beautiful they are. My flies will never be as beautiful as God’s creation. I’m just trying to come close. Flies are lightning rods for life. Hook a trout and be energized. Releasing a trout defies Darwin. We keep trout around because they are beautiful. Without us they would surely die.  Because Trout dont live in dirty we protect our rivers and streams where they live. But humans can live in dirty…and do…which makes me wish I lived in a trouts world.