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“Blue Damsel Lotus”

Due to the wind I decided to spend the day indoors to crank out the final prints for this wood block.  You might notice this print has fewer cut marks.  That’s because I decided to cut them a tad deeper than the first run.  Concerning the process, I almost always print on Rives BFK and this one was no different.  I used Daniel Smith water soluable ink (thalo green mixed with thalo blue).  The digital image was tinted green using iPhoto.  I’ll let these prints dry about 10 days before I attempt to paint them with watercolor.  At this point I don’t have a color scheme in mind.  I’m leaning toward painting each one differently.

While this print is drying I’m starting a new project.  It involves Zinnia.  That’s all I will say for now.  Since this is another wedding project you wont see any pictures until the bride to be approves.

Blue Damsel Lotus, Zinnia, and White Crowned Frostic will be on display at Hidden Lake Gardens in mid-June.

Concerning sales, framing will be done at Dexter Picture Frame Co.  Prints will be uploaded to Etsy sometime this summer.  Pending approval I would like to take a few framed prints to sell at The Side Door Gallery, The Boulevard Market and The Book Abbey.