Black Ant:  No 2 in the Dirty Dozen project.

Black Ant was an experiment using a Dremel Tool on Shina plywood.  This may be the fastest I’ve ever gone from a bare wood to a finished print.  I spent more time looking for a missing Dremel chuck than I did making this.  I dont think I would call this a successful experiment.  I believe the shina is a bit too soft for a a dremel, but maybe that’s just inexperience speaking?   On the plus side the dremel definitely allowed me to loosen up.  It also helped capture the look of fur, which was one of my goals.  If I were to do this fly again.  I think it might be a good idea to use both traditional tools and the dremel.  But, that will have to be done some other time.  Dirty Dozen fly no. 3 is calling.