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What possesses a person to spend all day on a frozen lake?  For me it’s the thought of pulling in a Northern Pike by hand.  I don’t fish for perch, crappie or gills through the ice.  I put out a few tip-ups and kick back.  My nephew Garrett joined me this weekend.  He brought his girlfriend who has never been ice fishing before.  I wanted to show her a Pike badly.  When a flag finally went up I was happy for me, but also happy that Lacie would get to see a Pike.  But, fishing trips don’t always end happily.  I lost the Pike when bringing him in.  Actually, I think when he bolted for the weeds the line tangled and probably ripped the minnow out before I even had a chance to set the hook. When I did set the hook it felt like a snag, and not that noticable throb that you feel when you hook a Pike.  I’ll add another chapter to my book titled, “The one that got Away”.  It’s good cold therapy anyway.  My house doesn’t feel cold anymore.  It feels comfortably warm, and I know I’ll sleep good tonight.