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One down…eleven to go.  This is the first print of the Dirty Dozen project.  The DD project is about making one print every 12 days until I make 12 prints.  The subjects are my favorite flies.  This one is a Pheasant Tail Nymph.  After this spends a week or so drying it will get painted with watercolor.  While this guy is on the hanger, I’ll start working on sketches for the next fly.  What’s it going to be???? Honestly I’m not sure.  I have my Dirty Dozen flies picked out, but I’m not sure which one to do next.  I’ll think about it tomorrow when I’m tying flies with friends.

Technical Stuff:

Paper-Rives BFK

Ink- Akua Color

Wood- Shina plywood

Tools-  Flexcut and Namisei

Press-  Richeson Baby Press

The wood was treated with Elmers Carpenter Glue (PVA) and sanded prior to cutting.  I’ve been experimenting with PVA and Shellac.  The glue method is definitely easier.  And, I think it may have worked better as far as clean up.  I’m still experiencing a lot of chipping with the Shina plywood.  Since I have very few pieces left I’m not too concerned.  I intend to buy some thicker plywood and some Cherry.  I’m really curious how the Cherry will cut.  I’ve yet to cut into solid wood.  If you asked me how I feel about this print I probably wouldnt say much.  It’s definitely a “just do it” print.  I could have spent more time working on the composition.  I could have been more careful with cutting.  But, I didn’t.  Which is why this print fits the theme perfectly.  It’s a down and dirty print.  Eleven more to go.