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K and I visit the Smokies quite often since my parents live in Wears Valley, just outside of Townsend.  Smoky Mountain images are always floating around in my head so this wasnt too difficult to develop into a linocut design.  But, it didnt come out as well as I would have liked.  For one, my cuts were too deep in many places.  I had hoped they were high enough to show up in the sky but they were not.  Anyway, I’m supercritical of my work and could go on but I wont.  I thought about calling this linocut “Black Jack” because I ran out of ink on the 21st print.  I’ve been hand printing all my prints with a Speedball plastic baren.  I just ordered two new barens the other day to experiment with.  I ordered some larger sheets of linoleum.  I’ll need them for the Artalicious Art Festival in a few weeks.  I also ordered some heavier Rives paper than what I have been using.  I used up the last of my Speedball black ink.  The other day I used some of my friend’s Dick Blick ink and I think I like it a little better.  It was not as thick as the Speedball brand.  I use oil based ink mostly.  I’m a slow worker so I like the fact that it wont dry up on my glass before I even get going.  When I’m really organized and energetic the water based ink seems to work just fine.  I have yet to try and paint over dried water based ink.  I assume it would dissolve but I havent experimented with that yet.