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I started a new block the other day.  It feels great to get back into it.  I always say I should get more work done in the winter but the truth is I spent most of my time trying to stay warm.  I hope to finish this block today and print it tomorrow.  The title of this print will be “Blue-gray (Gnatcatcher) and Dogwood”.  It’s only 5″x7″ so the I have been using a knife to get into the tight spaces.  I plan to hand press the prints onto Japanese Paper.  The Japanese were very inspirational in the development of the design.  I have an reproduction of a Japanese woodcut in my bedroom that greets me every morning.  It seemed appropriate since my favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings is to listen to the birds outside my window.  I chose to depict the BG Gnatcatcher only because I don’t think it gets much attention during Spring migration.  It’s tiny, hard to see and shows up before the masses of warblers get here.

Cranefest 2013


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Cranefest 2013 by Goyo P
Cranefest 2013, a photo by Goyo P on Flickr.

I love this time of year when the evening sky is filled with Sandhill Cranes. I love their song. I love when they all congregate at their roosting site. The sound is unforgettable. Combine that with the cool crisp air of Fall and you have the makings of some beautiful memories.

It’s always a joy to come up with a Crane print for the Sandhill Crane and Art Festival near Marshall, MI. Last year’s Crane print sold out quickly. I think these will too, especially since there are only 4 of them. I have not come up with a title for this yet. Stay tuned for that. But I can tell you it is a 4×6″ linocut reduction on Japanese paper.